Rockit’s gamification service optimized our events by
adding game-like elements to engage our attendees.

This is just too cool! I just connected to one of my favorite bands, and now my favorite baseball team. I LOVE that I get a chance to earn prizes and access to exclusives. I have already scored a few rewards that I show off to all of my friends! Thank you!-Vanessa P., Denver, CO.

Four Simple Steps to
Customer Engagement Success

  • Content.

    Engage your consumers & personnel with real-time text, voice, and video feedback. Rockit enhances content and loyalty by developing interactive mobile guides, games, and entertaining content for live events and its attendees.


  • Friends.

    Reach thousands of new fans through mobile and social game experience. Simple and easy to use, ready to implement, visually appealing, and can be customized for any demographic. Make every fan your biggest fan!


  • Fun.

    What we do is called gamification, by applying game design thinking to events, venues and convention programs, we will build brand awareness, increase sales & user engagement by making it more exciting!


  • Reward.

    Live events can now tap into new revenue streams as national brands, local merchants, and event exhibitors pay to integrate their brand into mobile applications. Earn recognition, points, and exclusive rewards that support your markets core sales objectives.


How It Works

Rockit’s customized template is revolutionizing the way companies and brands engage their customers across websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms.

  • Custom fit solution
  • Creating mobile fan engagement platforms
  • Direct access to content
  • Benefit to fan
  • Sharing with others

We keep users and fans motivated and socially interactive with powerful incentive programs that generate brand loyalty through recognition and reward!

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