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Rockit Media Supports Colorado Visitors Bureaus!

The Visitors Bureau mission is to bring in as many events, members, and visitors for the economic benefit of the city and the community.  Through integrated marketing approaches, the Visitors Bureau attracts visitors for business and leisure.  The bureau makes guides for every event suggesting places for lodging, food & beverage, retail, and entertainment. Rockit

Groupon – The Emperor’s “Free Lunch”

Friday after close of the stock market Groupon reported accounting irregularities that resulted in a restatement of earnings for their 4th Quarter of 2011. Prediction: Groupon will go down in stock market history as the greatest publicly perpetrated scam ever. I think it’s finally becoming obvious to everyone that there is no sustainable business model

The “Marketing Singularity” is Near.

(NEW BLOGGER INTRODUCTION: Greetings! My name is Roger Toennis and this is my first blog entry for iMediaConnection.) I want to thank Lori Luechtefeld and Lucia Davis for agreeing to have me be a blogger on this forum. By education and experience I’m an Electrical Engineer with extensive technical and management background in the Aerospace

The “Wild West” of Social CRM

Businesses and brands of every size and in every market are desperate to find effective ways to reach and engage with their customers using social media. But are the “open ranges” of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and other ‘person to person’ social media landscapes really the best place for businesses to have conversations with
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