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Rockit Media’s CEO Roger Toennis To Present at Invest Southwest

BOULDER – Rockit Media is being introduced into the mainstream technology investment community at Invest Southwest November 3, 2011 in Phoenix Arizona. Rockit Media, a leader in delivering all-in-one marketing solutions for businesses, is one of 14 to present at Invest Southwest conference. “Our Rockit Service provides just what the Businesses need to promote their business to their best customers. Your best customers deliver most of your profit and help you grow your businss.” Roger Toennis, CEO.

“Rockit revolutionizes how we engage with our best and most profitable customers. It closes the loop on loyal customer engagement like no other solution we’ve looked at over the past year.” Lisa Voss, Tilted Kilt Denver.

Rockit Media’s patent-pending Rockit service allows businesses to effectively promote their business using a variety of media channels including text, email, voice, mobile application and social media. Rockit is an all-in-one package that integrates key technologies into an easy-to-use Software-as-a-service (SaaS) package and allows the businesses to focus on key messaging. Rockit takes care of all of the complex technology issues. Thru Rockit’s SmartFind technology, messages are sent from a business to its best customers on the media channels on which they are most likely to respond. Rockit goes beyond one-way marketing blasts to complete two-way engagement between businesses and their best customers. Hard ROI is driven by the business successfully growing their loyal customer base and influencing them to visit just one more time per month. Find out more at

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